Curriculum Map

Module 1

The Iroquois Confederacy Video

Central Texts:

1. Great Law of Peace, or Iroquois Constitution

2. "The (Really) Great Law of Peace" by Cynthia O'Brien

3. The Iroquois: The Six Nations Confederacy by Mary Englar (ISBN: 978-0-7368-4817-6)

4. Eagle Song by Joseph Bruchac (ISBN: 978-0-14-130169-3)

5. "Smart-Speak: How to Say What You Mean" by Marilyn Cram Donahue

6. "Speaking Up" by Clarisel Gonzalez

7. Overview and Background Information: Oral Traditions by Expeditionary Learning

Module 2A

Central Texts:

1. “Making Candles, Colonial Style, by Rebecca S. Fisher in Highlights for Children, Sep 2004

2. Mary Lois Sanders, “Joshua’s Gold,” in Boy’s Life

3. “School of Freedom,”by Beverly J. Letchworth in Spider Magazine

4. “Mystery of the Deep” by Allyson Gulliver in Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids

5. Bringing Home the Gold by Carrol J. Swanson in Fun for Kidz


Module 3A

Central Texts:

Buffy Silverman, Simple Machines: Forces in Action, Do It Yourself series (New York: Heinemann, 2009)
ISBN: 978-1-4329-2317-4

Pamela Marx, Take a Quick Bow! (Culver City, CA: Good Year Books, 1997); ISBN: 978-1-59647-083-5

Who Cares About Polar Bears? by Expeditionary Learning

No More Junk in Our Schools by Expeditionary Learning


Module 4

Central Texts:

The Hope Chest by Karen Schwabach

ISBN: 978-0-375-84096-8

On Women's Right to the Suffrage

"The Vote" by Rebecca Hershey

"Order in the Court" by Ira Peck and Kathy Wilmore

"Fredrick Douglass: Freedom's Champion" by Patrick S. Washburn

"Miss Susan B. Anthony Fined $100 and Costs for Illegal Voting"