Curriculum Map

Module 1

Central Texts:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights UDHR (United Nations)

UDHR Plain Language Version:
Plain Language Version

UDHR Article Strips by Expeditionary Learning

"From Kosovo to the United States" by Isau Ajeti and Blanche Gosselin

History of the UDHR

"Teaching Nepalis to Read, Plant, and Vote" by Lesley Reed

Pam Muñoz Ryan, Esperanza Rising
ISBN: 978-0439120425.

American Heroes Reader's Theatre Script

Aaron Shepard, Readers on Stage
ISBN: 978-0-938497-21-9.

Aaron Shep's RT Page

Kathleen M. Hollenbeck, Fluency Practice Read-Aloud Plays: Grades 5-6: 15 Short, Leveled Fiction and Nonfiction Plays with Research-Based Strategies to
Help Students Build Fluency and Comprehension (New York: Scholastic, 2006),
ISBN-13: 970-0-439-55421-3.

Michael Ryall, Readers Theater Grade 5
ISBN-10: 1557998949.

Module 2A

Interview with Bryson Voirin from "Biomes of the World"

"Hawaii's Endangered Happy Face Spider" by Expeditionary Learning

Live Online Interview with Eve Nilson "I Was a Scientist in the Rainforest"

Great Bear Rainforest Remote Camera Project
Great Bear Video

Kathryn Lasky, The Most Beautiful Roof in the World: Exploring the Rainforest Canopy
ISBN: 978-1-4352-6563-9 (hardcover)
ISBN: 978-0-15-200897-0 (paperback)

"The Wings of the Butterfly" by Aaron Shepard

Paul Mason, Rainforest Research Journal
ISBN: 978-0-7787-9924-5

I Want To Be A Rainforest Scientist by Expeditionary Learning

Additional Resources:

Field Journal Texts for Lesson 1:
Field Notes on Science and Nature
Drawn to Nature: Through the Journals of Clare Walker Leslie
The Project Gutenberg EBook of Birds in Town and Village
Digital Collections: John Muir Journals
Field Journal: Plants
Selections from the Field Journal of William Duncan Strong

Lesson 2:
A Trail Through Leaves by Hannah Hinchman

Lesson 4:
Pictures: Fire Ant Swarms Form Living Life Raft

Lesson 5:

Lesson 6:
Learn About Butterflies
Ant Group 1- Bullet Ants

Ant Group 2- Army Ants
Ant Group 3- Leafcutter Ants

Lesson 7:
Ants Life Cycle Graphic
Rainforest Butterflies Video
Monarch Butterfly

Lesson 8:
Howler Monkeys
Howler Monkey from Think Jungle

Lesson 11:
Government Made Easy: Greetings from NY
Old York Library: Remember Me to Herald Square: Thirty-fourth Street from River to River

Lesson 13:

Smithsonian Libraries
Government Made Easy: Ant Close Up
Government Made Easy: Butterfly Close Up
Peterson First Guide to Insects of North America
Peterson First Guide to Butterflies and Moths
Peterson First Guide to Birds of North America
Rainforest Insects
Alex Wild Photography

Module 2B

Module 3A

"It's Not Just a Game!" by Lori Calabrese

"Roots of American Sports" by Phyllis Goldman

Sports in America

Sharon Robinson, Promises to Keep: How Jackie Robinson Changed America
ISBN 978-0-439-42592-6

Roberto Clemente's Gifts from the Heart
Gifts From the Heart

Roberto Clemente in "Great Athletes"
Roberto Clemente

Roberto Clemente: Latino Legends in Sports
Latino Legends in Sports

Althea Gibson (Sunrise-Sunset)
Althea Gibson

Notable Southerners: Althea Gibson

Althea Gibson Excellence Act

Module 3B

Module 4

Edwidge Dantikat, Eight Days: A Story of Haiti (New York: Orchard Books, 2010), ISBN: 978-0-545-27849-2.

Darian Hale, Dark Water Rising (New York: Square Fish, 2010), ISBN: 978-0-312-62908-3.

Earthquakes by Meredith Tennant

Hurricanes by Crystal Wicker

Earthquakes Science for Kids

How a Hurricane Forms by Marshall Brain, Craig Freudenrich, Ph.D. and Robert Lamb